Selecting the tasks for a study couldn’t be easier. You can either select from the alphabetical list of tasks, or click on the domain buttons (top left) to see all of the tasks that measure performance related to a specific cognitive domain. To select your tasks just drag and drop them into the Task Order tray on the right – you can then reorder the tasks and, if required, modify their parameters before you save the study configuration.

You can select, drag and drop tasks on the demo below. Roll your cursor over the tasks/domains for information.


  • Attention & Vigilance
  • Cognitive Demand
  • Working Memory
  • Spatial Memory
  • Secondary Memory
  • Prospective Memory
  • Executive Function
  • Mood
  1. AWM
  2. Bond-Lader
  3. Card Sort
  4. Corsi Blocks
  5. Corsi Blocks Light
  6. Corsi Blocks Reversed
  7. Choice Reaction Time
  8. Digit Vigilance
  9. Face Presentation
  10. Face Recognition
  11. Four Choice Reaction Time
  12. Instruction
  13. Logical Reasoning
  14. NameToFaceRecall
  15. NBack
  16. NWM
  17. Peg & Ball
  18. Picture Presentation
  19. Picture Recognition
  20. RVIP
  21. Sentence Verification
  22. Serial Subtraction
  23. Simple Reaction Time
  24. Stroop
  25. Telephone
  26. Visual Analogue Scales
  27. Word Presentation
  28. Word Recognition

Task Order

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