Full randomisation of stimuli

COMPASS creates a full set of randomised stimuli for every single assessment performed by each
individual participant. Other task parameters vary randomly between modifiable pre-set limits.


Pre-programmed sets of stimuli

COMPASS comes with pre-programmed word lists, pictures and names/faces developed for healthy adults – or you can add your own stimuli as simple text/excel files – allowing research to be conducted across age groups, in defined populations and pathological groups, or in other languages.


Ease of study set up

Specify the number of participants and assessments, then choose your pre-programmed tasks. The study is ready to reload and collect data at any point in the future.


Modifiable task parameters

All tasks come with pre-set default parameters, but you can also modify the number of stimuli or length of a task, and the speed of presentation.


Automated data extraction

Task outcome data for each assessment performed by each participant is automatically consolidated into one spreadsheet for the whole study. Raw data is available for quality checks and fine grained analyses.


Response pad or keyboard

Choose between responses made with a standard response pad or via the computer keyboard. We recommend using Cedrus RB-530 response pads.


Cognitive domain buttons

For ease of study construction the task selection page features cognitive domain buttons that present all of the tasks that assess performance in that specific domain.


Ideal teaching tool

As well as being an effective tool for research at all levels, the ease of use of the system makes it ideal for use in a teaching context. Uses include in undergraduate laboratory classes, for practicals, projects and dissertations.

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