How it works

COMPASS can be configured in two easy steps.

Step 1. Study set up

Specify the number of participants, the number of visits and the number of assessments per visit, and specify a name for the study.

Step 2. Choose your tasks.

The system contains a wide range of standard and novel tasks that measure mood and cognitive performance across a number of domains. You can either choose from a list of tasks or sort the tasks by cognitive domain.

Choosing and ordering tasks involves simply dragging and dropping them in to the ‘task order’ tray. You can then customise selected parameters (e.g. specify the word/picture lists, length of a task in seconds, or the number of stimuli presented). View the task selection demo page.

View Demo

Once you have chosen your tasks COMPASS will create parallel versions of the tasks with randomly chosen stimuli for each participant’s individual assessments. To begin collecting data, simply load the study configuration.

Previous configurations are stored as simple files, so you can also recall a previous study design that you want to rerun and then amend any of its parameters.